We encourage people to make their room reservation in the near future to ensure you have a room, remember summer is popular travel time.
Rooms must be Reserved by JULY 27th!

One adjustment we’ve had to make this year is an additional $10 fee and sign up for the women’s luncheon. This serves two purposes: It helps offset the cost for what has grown to a 250 person event, and gives a more accurate headcount for the catering to limit food waste or to prevent excluding someone.  The Banquet will continue to be offered at our cost

As this event continues to grow and change we will make every effort to adapt our services to best accommodate all attendees.

We will provide additional logistic information with parking and other issues as the Reunion get closer.

Cornhusker Marriott Hotel Reservations- For the Reunion Rate ($88.00 Plus Tax) You MUST be registered with the Reunion.  Check www.vetsreunion.com under the Accommodations tab for a direct link or Call:  402-474-7474 or toll free 866-706-7706.
For more information contact Jaime at 402-435-0454 or Roy at roy-suzie74@inebraska.com.

Download the Registration Form!